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Black Voices | A Thread

Not only now, but always, we should be listening to black voices and amplifying those voices. Today, I will be sharing with you some voices of fellow bloggers in the black blogging community. I linked everyone's Instagram accounts, so you can check out their pages and go support them! If you do not have the time to read them all, then at least read some from my Instagram post on June 29th. *linked in the image below*

“We are more than just a word associated with the word danger “- Cazjai Shackelford of @shackelford.speaks & @cazjai.s
“As hard as it is being a black woman in society, I wouldn’t change who I am or what color my skin looks like in a million years. I want black women to know how much they are worth. I want black women to be more than the “token black girl” to show that your companies are “diverse.” I want black women to know they are BEAUTIFUL, no matter what the world tells them. We deserve to be represented equally. We deserve to be paid equally. We deserve to be supported by the society equally. We deserve BETTER.” - Ajaila Walker of @jai.walk
“Uplifting one another does not take away from your own self worth. We are all special and we all deserve praise.”- Daresha Petitt of @golden_essential
“Trust your essence. It nurtures and inspires your style and others” - Yechima of @essenceandstyle
“What I do today affects how my kids and grandkids will grow up in the future. That’s why I cannot sit around and do nothing.”- Ijeoma of @littlemissijjy
“Being a black woman is being told that you’re not enough and too much all at once. You are not too much, and you are not to are perfect just the way you are.”- Ky of @iamkytoo
"Each and everyday I am recognizing my own limits in that I cannot be everyone's teacher on racism and its realities, while teaching myself and resting too. There must be a balance between learning, staying informed and also looking after yourself. Being an advocate and prioritizing self-care cannot be mutually exclusive. I am learning that they go hand-in-hand, and if I do not feel strong enough today, that is okay. I am allowed to rest so I can be stronger tomorrow"- Princess Ofori - Atta of @princessoforiatta
“The world would be filled with more beauty and love if more people accepted our differences.” - Schmonét Masters of @schmonet_masters
“Like many, I have been waking up with a lot of anxiety and fear because of all that has been happening in the world. I have experienced bullying most of my life because of my accent and the way I look. To me it’s crazy because I love everything about me especially the complexion that was given to me by God. I don’t want to go on about my struggles, but I want to explain that when black people continue to protest and demand that the world stops and listens, it’s because in 2020 we are still fighting to have our voice heard, in 2020 we are still seeing children think it’s okay to make another child feel less than because of who they are. 2020 has been a difficult time for all but I want to encourage anyone reading this to know that you may not help how life or people treat you, but you have all the power on how you let those experiences shape your life and your inner self. Today decide to forgive, not because you acknowledge the pain they caused, but because your soul deserves peace.” - Lydia Noella of @lydianoellaaa
“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it”- Christi Rose of @_christi99
“In a world that is so intent on bringing us down, my favorite thing about us is that we don’t allow it to define us. Instead, we take it, and we spin it into something so much bigger. We let it fuel compassion, and love, and ambition, and strive for inclusivity and justice for not only us, but all marginalized communities. Despite living in a world that doesn’t love us, we choose to love it anyway. We choose to be better. And for that, I adore us.” - Sabrina Sparrow of @sabriasparrow

To read more on Sabria's message click here!

“Justice for Rodney Hess #SayHisName”- Megan Alex of @__meganalex
“I think what’s going on in the world is very necessary. Older generations shame younger generations for loving social media, but I think we are using it for good. Social media has the power to bring so many people together & if we use it right now, we can change the world for the better! ✨🤍” - Dez Smith of @dez__smith
“Use your voice, no matter how small. You never know who you’re gonna positively impact” - Danielle of @dotsandpositivethoughts
“See good in all things”- Tyra Fisher of @tyra_fisher

I hope you learned something from these quotes or you're inspired to be on the right side of history as history is repeating itself.

Lots of love,


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