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Shein or Sheout? | Summer Fashion Haul

I know, the title is corny...I'll do better next time. Anyways, this would be my 4th time shopping from the Shein website, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the clothes I purchased this time around. I purchased 6 items total, and I'm going to try to go into detail on my opinions of each item. The purpose of this is so that you are able to see what their clothes are like before purchasing anything, since this is an online only store and you can't try items on without buying them first. Shein is also known for their extremely affordable fashion, so that is why I was excited to do a summer haul with their clothes.

Keep in mind that the prices shown below are NOT the exact prices on the website (I used the prices that I was charged for) because I used discount codes from the app RetailMeNot. I highly recommend this app to save money and make fashion, beauty, etc. more affordable. I will be doing a blog post on apps like this further along in the future, so stay tuned and join the mailing list to be notified when new posts are added to the blog!


List of Items:

  1. High Rise Denim Shorts

  2. White Wrap Top

  3. Striped Pants

  4. Pink Lace Cami Dress

  5. Blush Blouse With A Flare

  6. Half Floral Stud Earrings

Ripped Cuffed Hem Denim Shorts

I ordered these shorts in a size small and they costed $13.94. My initial thought was that I wouldn't be able to fit them over my hips, and this is saying something because I don't really have hips. I typically wear a size 0 or a 2 in denim shorts/pants. Maybe if I had ordered a medium to get that "mom shorts" fit instead of a "I can't breathe" fit, it would have would suited my body the way I wanted it to. After wearing the shorts a couple of times they seemed to stretch out and fit me better, so over time the denim shorts became more comfortable. Therefore, I decided to keep these shorts instead of returning them.

The material didn't feel as sturdy compared to some of the American Eagle denim shorts that I own, but the quality wasn't too far off. Plus, the Shein denim shorts are much more affordable than any American Eagle shorts I have seen or bought myself. I would say that you are getting your money's worth for this piece, considering the inexpensive price. The zipper and the button on the shorts were a gold color, which I really liked. Overall, I would rate these shorts a 8 out of 10, mainly because of the price. The fit of the shorts was partially due to the risk that you take when ordering clothes online, because you never know how it will fit in person. I do think that their size chart online is accurate for the most part..

Additionally, I had to do a little bit of alterations to these shorts. The Shein denim shorts are hemmed and in order to get more length I ended up using a seam ripper --- aka a pair of scissors --- to unfold where the shorts were sewed together. I personally don't like when companies make shorts that are already rolled and are sewed, so that you don't have the option to unroll them. I like when brands give customers the availability to wear a piece the way they want to, which leads me into the next item ...

Shein Self Belted Wrap Crop Top

I ordered this top in white, but it also comes in yellow and pink. The price of this self belted wrap top was $8.37. With the affordable price comes a little bit of risk, especially considering I got the white version. The top was a little bit see through and was a tad confusing to get on. The wrap crop top is basically a white short sleeve crop top with two long pieces of fabric when you get it in the mail. It was difficult to figure out how to rap it and make it look good in not only the front, but the back, as well. Although, once you figure it out I think that it looks really flattering on and is worth the trouble. I recommend wearing this top with a nude color bra or pasties to prevent people from seeing anything underneath. This item does give customers the availability to wear it how you want (unlike the hemmed denim shorts), because you have to tie the bow yourself (it's not previously sewn together). I really liked this feature because you can loosen it after eating a ton of food. Space for a food baby is always appreciated.

The material was relatively light and comfortable, which makes it perfect for the summer. Overall I would put the piece at a 8.5 out of 10 because it is a little see through. The wrap top style is trending right now, so if you are looking for a top with this particular style at an affordable price I would recommend this item to you. This top has become a staple piece for me in the summer.

Vertical Striped Paperbag Belted Pants

Okay for this piece I have to start out with the overall rating. 10 out of 10 would RECOMMEND!! These pants are so simple, but chic. It has both a belt and an elastic waist band; the elastic cinches to make your waist appear smaller. On the other hand, the vertical stripes make your legs look longer. Theses paperbag pants by Shein are extremely flattering and worth the money, which by the way ... is only $13.94. Again, the price is affordable, and that is a huge bonus.

I am around 5' 9" and never want my cropped pants to look like high waters. With these cute pants I luckily didn't have this issue. The inseam is 27 inches, so keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing them. Oh! and don't forget they have POCKETS. Everything is better with pockets.

The material is 30% Cotton, 65% Polyester, 5% Spandex, according to the website. It reminds me of linen, so if you're not into ironing... Quick tip: I suggest using a steamer instead of ironing because it is faster and easier to use.

I would pair this with a simple top because of the pattern (solid colors are your friend in this case). Sandals also look great with these pants and they go with the season. You can dress the look up with wedges or make it more casual with vans or converses as well. Plus, don't be afraid to pair this with bright solid colors for a statement piece. The grey and white colors of the pants will tone down the look, so these pants will fit with a bright or highly saturated solid colors.

Lace Panel Tiered Seam Cami Dress

This dress is perfect for a summer occasion where you have to be a little bit more done up. I personally wore this dress to my sister's high school graduation and it was just what I needed for the event.

The Lace Panel Tiered Seam Cami Dress is very flattering on and serves more of a bohemian look that I love because of the detailing. The straps are adjustable and the back has a bow to make it even more girly. I have seen this dress in different colors from other stores, but on Shein I believe it is only available in this rosey pink color.

This would go great paired with brown or neutral tone wedges. I also like wearing sandals with this dress if I'm not in the mood to try and walk in heels. On the other hand, if you want to try and make this piece more casual you could pair it with an over sized denim jacket and and white slip on shoes for an easy on-the-go look.

I would highly recommend this item from Shein becuause I just think it is so versatile and a flattering piece. I rate this pink lace cami dress a 10 out of 10.

V Neck Pep Hem Blouse

This blouse looks exactly like what the image appeared to be, which is honestly all you can really hope for when you're shopping online sometimes. This top is simple, but chic with the added flare that I love at the bottom. The reason why I enjoy the fit of these tops so much is because it compliments the shape of my body nicely. It makes my waist appear smaller and my hips appear wider because of the extra flare.

This blouse also comes in brown and a multicolored pattern (yellow, white, & blue). I like to pair this top with light wash denim for a more casual look. A summer closet essential for me is how I would describe this blouse because by putting it on you already appear 10 times more put together as opposed to wearing a T-Shirt (not bashing T-shirts though, it just depends on the day).

The material of this top reminds me of a lighter version of linen, so once again if you don't like ironing I recommend getting a steamer. The material wrinkles easily, but it is very breathable to wear. Overall, I didn't have any issues with this top and I would recommend it as long as having to iron/steam it isn't a deal breaker for you. Rating is a 10 out of 10 for me.

Rhinestone Hollow Lotus Design Ear Jacket

Last but not least, I bought this earring set from Shein. I got this for a dolla ($0.93 to be exact), so I really can't complain here. I think these rhinestone earrings are so cute on their own, but with the extra touch of the flower you are able to add a little style to any basic outfit with this piece.

Another thing that I adore about these earrings is that you can wear the two pieces together or separately. In addition, you can swap the half flower piece out with any other stud that you own to go with your outfit of choice. This piece is the most versatile out of all the ones from this haul. I have never owned a piece of jewelry like this, and I was pleased with how this one turned out. This racks up another 10 out of 10 rating from me.


Final Thoughts

Out of all the purchases I've made from Shein, these pieces are my absolute favorites. I think every item I bought was worth the money I spent. Shein is a great online boutique to shop for affordable fashion and provides a lot of options that stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Plus, there's always some sale going on, so look out for that if you plan on purchasing anything in the future.

When buying an item on Shein I do recommend looking at the reviews, especially the ones that have pictures added to them because those are the most helpful. Standard shipping for Shein takes about 6-8 business days to arrive and costs $3.99. There is an extra fee of $0.99 for shipping insurance, which I always get. I can't tell you that much information on their policies, so I would recommend going to their website for that information.

I love Shein's clothes and I will definitely be purchasing from them again! I hope you enjoyed this summer haul and you found it helpful for your summer shopping needs. What was your favorite piece? Leave a comment and have a blessed day!

Lots of Love,


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