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The Power of White Shoes | A White Shoe Haul

I got this idea from seeing YouTube videos on the power of makeup. This whole challenge was to show the true beauty and art of makeup. This whole movement was created by Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube. I decided to relate this movement to fashion because it's my passion (lol that rhymed). Sometimes people tend to stray away from white shoes because of the risk of getting them dirty and feeling like they wasted money. I want to share the reason why I buy white shoes and how I keep them clean. White shoes have too much potential to pass them up, so I want to share what I know with you.

Why Should I Buy White Shoes?

First and foremost, white shoes go with absolutely EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. No other color or shade has as much versatility as white does. White shoes can go with an outfit to tone down a pattern, so the look isn't too busy.

You can also wear white shoes with an all white outfit, so that a statement piece can pop, like a jacket or a necklace.

Lastly, you can wear white shoes to brighten up a darker look and add contrast.

How Do You Keep White Shoes Clean?

There are two parts to consider when owning/buying white shoes in order to keep them clean. First, you have to consider the material of the white shoe. I like to buy leather or faux leather sneakers because it is easy to wipe off dirt or scuffs. You can simply use a Clorox Wipe to do this at home. You can also look into sneakers that are machine washable. Fabrics/Materials such as polyester or cotton can be washed in your washing machine. I recommend letting your shoes sit out to dry after they are done in the washing machine instead of putting them in the dryer though. Other materials like durable canvas or suede can be difficult to remove stains and will have you scrubbing with baking soda for a long time.

Oh! That's my second point. You can use baking soda mixed with water to clean white shoes and lay them out in the sun to make them bright white again. You can look up YouTube tutorials of cleaning white shoes with baking soda if you want a step by step description on how to do this. In addition, some shoes have cleaning kits that you can buy. I think this can be a great investment depending on the brand you are making your purchase from. For example, I own a cleaning kit for my Timberlands that I find to be helpful.

What White Shoes Do I Own?

In total I own 9 white shoes. They vary from casual to sporty to dressy. I have created a TikTok of my white shoe collection that I will link for you here and share for you below!


I hope this blog post opened your eyes to what a white shoe can really do! I also hope you are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. I wish you and your family the best.

Lots of Love,


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