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DIY Walmart Pastel Sneakers | Air Force 1 Dupe

It has been a while since I have posted on here, but I just had to show you guys this DIY that I found on TikTok. This is a quick and easy dupe for the custom and trendy Air Force 1 shoes that everyone seems to have nowadays. The great part about these sneakers is that they are a good price and you can customize the colors.


Supplies Needed

  1. Leather paint - I used some regular multi-purpose paint from Walmart, but I recommend buying leather paint from Joan's or Amazon to prevent the paint from chipping when the shoes crease. I only used one coat of paint, but depending on the paint you use and how light the color is you may need to do 1-3 coats of paint.

  2. Paint brushes - Any will do really, I got mine in a pack from Walmart with different sizes. The smaller detail brushes helped when I used white paint to clean up my mistakes.

  3. Sneakers - The sneakers itself are $15 dollars so a lot more affordable than the price for Air Force 1's ($90). I also prefer painting on these sneakers because they are inexpensive and I'm not afraid to ruin them. The sneakers will be in the shoe section of your local Walmart and they are by the brand Time and Tru.

  4. Mod Podge - I used mod podge as a sealer to finish off the shoes when all the paint was done drying. To apply the mod podge, I just followed the instructions on the bottle and used a foam/sponge paint brush to apply it to the shoes.

Tips & Tricks

  1. In addition to the paint colors you end up choosing, I recommend buying white paint to help clean up the edges and any mistakes that were made in the process.

  2. Let the paint dry completely before applying the mod podge. Then let the mod podge dry over night for a clean finish. Be patient!

  3. I recommend buying different sizes of paint brushes in a small pack. This way you don't have to wash the paint brush when using different colors and you are able to be more precise when painting the shoes.

  4. Have fun with it! This is just supposed to be a fun way to express your style in the shoes that you wear, so try not to be a perfectionist and focus on having fun with this project!

  5. To remove paint, use nail polish remover and a cotton round or q-tip for the edges. I ended up painting two sections green, but didn't like the color and used this method.

A quick video of the process that I made on TikTok - check it out!


For more DIY's and fashion/lifestyle content follow me on Instagram and TikTok! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Lots of love,


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