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My Daily Winter Skincare Routine | Skincare Tips + Products

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


We’re at the end of November heading into December, which means we are at the coldest and driest parts of the year. For reference, I have very dry skin, so this whole skincare routine will be based on my skin type and how I maintain moisture during this time of year. Even if you don’t have dry skin some of the products that I use can still work for you. If you do plan on trying out any products that I recommend I have a tip for you!

Tip: Purchase the travel size when trying out new skincare products. This way you won’t waste as much money if you end up not liking it or it just doesn’t work for your skin. Start small and work your way up!

Step 1: The first step to my routine is simply tying my hair back, so that I don’t get my hair wet when washing my face. Also, the robe that I am wearing is from Victoria Secret click here if you want the link! Now that we got that out of the way, let's get into what you are all here for... the skincare!

Step 2: Start off by removing any makeup you may have on your face with 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The coconut oil will add moisture to your skin, but will also help to break up any makeup on your face. This will make it much easier to wipe off your makeup, which will allow you to be gentler on your skin and prevent premature wrinkles. If you can prevent any extra tugging on the skin, it is better for you in the long run. Now that you have applied the coconut oil and your face looks like a wonderful grease ball, you can move onto step 3.

Step 3: Time to remove the coconut oil, that helped break down your makeup, with a makeup remover wipe! I like to use Neutrogrena's wipes or Simple's wipes. I don’t see much of a difference between the two besides the fact that Simple’s wipes are a little bit gentler on the skin. If you have more sensitive skin then go with Simple’s wipes instead. During this step, be sure to get as much makeup off as possible before cleansing your face!

Step 4: Now it’s time to actually cleanse your face. It’s recommended to do this for about a minute long (if I’m being honest I probably only do this for like 30 seconds). For this step, I use the Neutrogena Hydro boost Cleanser. I love this cleanser because my skin doesn’t feel completely stripped of its natural oils once I'm done cleansing. Plus, this bottle will last you for a while and a little goes a long way. I use about one pump every time I cleanse my face and a bottle lasted me for almost half a year. I’m on my second bottle of this product now and my skin loves this stuff!

Side note: I don't exfoliate on my face/lips and do a hydrating mask everyday, but if you feel as if your skin needs this on a particular day, then you should add this step in right here!

Step 5: Toner! Toner helps to reset the skin after washing off all the dirt that was on your face. The toner that I like to use is by Fresh Beauty. I only have the travel size one because this is my first time purchasing it. The travel size is only $15, but the full bottle is $45. Another good toner that is hydrating is the Thayers Witch Hazel Toner. To me, the Witch Hazel Toner is my second favorite because I don’t find it to be as hydrating as the Fresh Beauty one. However, if you are looking for a better price point, then I recommend Thayers Witch Hazel Toner because of its inexpensive price.

Step 6: On to my favorite step. This is when I would add a face oil or serum. I find this step to be the most hydrating! I honestly think this step makes the most difference and I don’t know what I was doing before I used face oils and serums. If you aren’t going to do any of these steps, at least try to do this one because it is worth it. When I don’t use the Shea Moisture Daily Face Oil, my face feels like it’s going to break if I make any sudden facial expression! 

½ Step: First, I like to rub my face oil in with my hands, but then when I have a bit of extra time I like to give my face some TLC with my jade roller. The jade roller is a bit extra, but basically it just helps to deeply penetrate your skin with a cooling effect. This is kinda a finishing touch to making sure you face oil fully seeps into your skin for maximum hydration. Also, in the morning, you can put your jade roller in the fridge overnight and then use it to depuff your face.

Step 7: More Hydration! This is when I take my daily facial moisturizer by Shea Moisture. I have only been using this moisturizer for about a week (I love it so far). Another moisturizer that I used in the past was the Rose Fresh Beauty Moisturizer. I used all of my Fresh Beauty Moisturizer and thought I’d try one that went with my face oil instead, to see if it made a difference. No complaints on the Fresh Beauty Moisturizer though (it smelled just like roses)!

½ Step: I also like to go in with my jade roller after my facial moisturizer. I do this as a final step to make sure that any previous product on my face has been absorbed. In case you were wondering, there are two ends to a jade roller because the smaller side is supposed to be used on your under-eye area and other smaller spaces. Whereas, the larger side is more commonly use for your cheeks.

Side note: I am not a beautician! I'm just here to share what I know, so that you can have hydrated skin for the dry season!


I hope you found this winter skincare routine to be helpful. If you know anyone with dry skin, then please share this post with them to help them out! Also, if you have any further questions be sure to ask in the comments!

Lots of Love,


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