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Fall Target Must-Haves | A Target Haul

First and foremost, please go register to vote! The deadline to register to vote in Virginia is October 13th. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…


It’s Fall y’all! I’m seriously so excited to share all of these amazing pieces from Target at an affordable price, so let’s just get into it! (for any of the links, click on the pictures)

Faux leather is always in style for the fall season, so this year I picked up a pair of faux leather joggers from Target. AND they’re only $20, AND they come in black, brown, and burgundy. Need I say more! I’m definitely going to have to go back and get these in more colors. I got them in black and if you’re in between 2 sizes I would size up because they’re supposed to have a relaxed fit. 

Another great material for Fall is faux suede! I got this Universal Thread Headband in brown (also comes in black). What I like to do is match my accessories, so if I have a brown headband I’ll also have a brown bag or brown shoes to really pull the look together! Only $10 ($7 if you order online)!

A majority of this school year is spent at home, but I still want to look cute AND be comfy. That’s why I bought this matching waffle knit cropped hoodie and sweatpants for a cute and comfy, distance learning look. The hoodie is $20 and the pants are $20 as well.

Next, we have this acai berry + spruce candle that smells absolutely heavenly! You can get this for 9 or 14 ounces (ranging from $12-17). Candles are always a must-have for Fall!

Lastly, I bought a sweater vest/tank that I am so excited to style. If you want to see more information or how I style these pieces then head over to my instagram, @mahalia.myrel! This piece is part of one of their plus size clothing lines. I found this piece in the clearance section of my local Target for only $6. If you check online it will be $16; what a great deal! I intend to wear this sweater tank/vest as a dress or with some biker shorts and a button up underneath. This piece also comes in red and orange, if you’re looking for a different color. 


I hope you enjoyed this quick read on Fall Target must-haves because I sure did! If you have any questions about sizing just leave a comment down below! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Lots of love,


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