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How I Style My Glasses | Lookbook + Mini Firmoo Review

If you didn't already know, I NEED glasses to see. I used to hate the way glasses looked on me, but now I see them as a way to add to my outfits. Eyewear is one of the best assets to spice up an outfit. Today I'm going to show you how I use my prescription glasses to add to my everyday outfits.


I was kindly sent a pair of glasses from Firmoo Optical. They did send me the wrong color, but nonetheless I am grateful for these affordable and chic prescription glasses. Also, I will definitely be going back for the right color in the future (comment below what color you think I'll get). If you want to read a little bit of a review on Firmoo Optical and their eyewear too, scroll to the bottom. For this lookbook I'm going to show you four outfits I styled with these black frames from Firmoo.


Outfit #1

Top is from American Eagle, belt is from H&M, skirt is from H&M, shoes are Timberlands from Journeys.

Outfit #2

Top is from Forever 21, Shorts are from Shein, Belt is from H&M, shoes are from Vans.

Outit #3

Top is from Aeropostale, leather leggings are from Amazon, shoes are Stan Smiths from Journeys.

Outfit #4

Top is from Five Below, biker shorts are from American Eagle, Shoes are from Urban Outfitters (Fila Disruptors), Scrunchie is from Urban Outfitters.



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Firmoo Optical is an up and coming affordable eyewear brand. I reached out to them to work with them, so that I could do this blog post for you guys. After receiving prescription glasses and sunglasses from them I think I am able to give you guys some information on their brand.

I think Firmoo has great prices compared to some eyewear you would typically get at America's Best or other eyewear companies. In addition, Firmoo has tons of options when it comes to styles of the frames and the color of the frames. Also, if you upload a selfie of yourself it will generate what the frames will look like on you based on your picture, which I found to be super helpful since Firmoo is an online ONLY brand. The glasses case that my frames came in didn't seem like the best quality though, for lack of better words it was made out of a cheap material. However, I have dropped my glasses while it was in the case and the glasses remained unscathed. The material doesn't seem that nice, but at least it gets the job done. The shipping for Firmoo Optical is typically around 2-3 weeks, which I think is reasonable for glasses. Lastly, Firmoo does try to keep their brand focused on the prescription glasses, but I would also take a look at their sunglasses as well because they have some great affordable options. Overall, I love my glasses and will be going back for more frames in the future.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you all and can give you some knowledge about Firmoo Optical along with ideas on how to style your glasses.

Lots of Love,


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